May 02, 2013

Waiting for New Successor

With 3 more days towards the 13th General Election in Malaysia, I knew writing post with that title will be much misleading. I’m sure most readers had the image of a new Prime Minister for Malaysia sprung into their minds already. Well, let’s just agree here that politics is not everything (yes, even now).

Reading all the political quarrels inside the virtual world, I felt slightly depressed. Knowing that within a few days much of those hate words and comments will be pretty much useless, I’m so dismayed. Luckily I have something else to think about in the middle of this heated week (even the weather in Cairo now is rattling hot).

Our latest ultrasound scan with Dr Shereen showed that we’re expecting our new successor to make his appearance in this worldly life in less than three weeks. That is quite soon isn’t it?

Lots of thoughts (and dreams) flooded my mind since then. I’m sure the same thing happened to most father-to-be. I’m pretty much sure that most men tend to stay (or act) cool and told their wives that everything would be under control and we’re ready for this new hero (or heroine). The truth is, of course, the other way around.

It’s the same challenge and feeling you faced every time you are exposed to something new and you’re not quite sure what will happen next. That tough part when you really have to forget a little bit about your natural fear, and surrender completely to The Almighty Who knows the best for everyone.

For me, I am trying to imagine myself as someone who is seeding a (tall) tree. Ambitious, hopeful, anxious, and yet somehow worried.  Reading few verses in Quran about trees and also a hadith about seeding plants, my imagination is pretty much alike. Indeed, the new generation that we produced is the ‘tree’ that we plant for the sake of the whole world to find shade beneath it, and eat the fruits it bore.

I pray that Allah the Almighty will be the sole place for me to seek guidance and help during those long journey I’ll take to make sure this ‘tree’ grow tall and strong. 

"Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, [making] a good word like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and its branches [high] in the sky?"
-- Al-Quran 14:24


  1. 'DEMI KEBENARAN ALLAH YANG SEBENAR-BENARNYA,daku memohon keizinan dariMU MAHA PENCIPTA untuk melayari ' ' daku pohon dengan sebenar-benar permohonan agar daku dapat berfikir dengan fikiranMU,bersamaMU..Syukur Terimakasih yaALLAH dengan nikmat jasad&nyawa ini..Sejahtera DIRIMU yaALLAH..' sdr2 yg dkasihi smua,semestinya kita insan yg mcari KEBENARAN YANG SEBENAR-BENARNYA.luangkanlah masa kita untuk melayari blog ini krn ssungguhny kita smua sudah ksuntukan masa,PCAYALAH!!Salam kasihsayang..adam7


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