May 02, 2011

Master of Diversion

Yes I was born in America, but to feel somehow I'm American, is loathsome. At least generally speaking, I believe I deserve to feel that way, especially after what happened recently - Osama Bin Laden's assassination.

Thousands of reactions emerged after the news break out. 90% of the reactions were unsurprisingly happy, 5% were in the middle, mixtures of fear and joy, and the other 5% were against the assassination and everything related to US Force's operation.

I personally, through this historical event, remind myself of how America and each of its allies are so good in the art of diversion, and the art of creating causes for personal gains.

Countless events throughout modern history proved this.

9/11, Iraq, Afghan, and Palestine are the key witnesses to this, and also, the main victims.

Osama Bin Laden, despite black records alleged on him, is the most recent victim of inhumane desires of the America, and its allies, including Israel.

By using all that, the whole world is diverted from the main issues. Larger and more important issues, related to larger population than of a nation, were brilliantly concealed, and the spotlights shine on the mask of 'terrorism' and 'islamophobia'. The whole world been blindfolded and led into total dumbness, some of them the Muslims themselves.

Where do we put the issue of hijacking other countries government? Where do we put the issue of sacrificing civilians? Where do we put the issue of discrimination of Islamic countries? And where do we put the issue of 'I am the rule' policy?

Celebrating the death of symbols of Islam had long been a tradition for them. I can't forget what Sayyid Qutb told about the celebration he saw in America when As-Syahid Al-Banna was assassinated. This tradition repeated now, putting aside their shouted slogans of humanity, justice, and peace. For a moment I found them to be so brutish and senseless.

To see some Muslims leaders responding in the same senseless tone is much more disappointing. To this extent they had been brainwashed by their enemy?

* * * *

Muslims have full right, as a human in this world, to stand with their belief and faith.
Let's be brave enough to reclaim our rights, in actions, speeches, and feelings.
Let's say enough to this game we're being played on.
Let's get back to our pride and our identity, taught by our Prophet.
Let's make the history happens the way it should be, and,
Let's be part of it.


  1. So the American anaesthetic drug introduced to Muslims (as one body) had worked. Fortunately its effect (which is loss of consciousness) is reversible. We just need some rapid medications to reverse the action, and we are the medications.

  2. i have been analyzing the responds of the American public when the news was announced last night..and similar to you I couldn't help to recall the story of Sayyid Qutb when he encountered the celebration of the American people upon the assassination of as-syahid Imam Hassan al-banna..well from my analysis, there is a lot of words such as 'we did', 'the US did', 'victory', justice', 'our force' used during the commentary just to show the 'mighty force' of the USA over the world..they even bragged about how the carried out the mission with the permission of the Pakistani government even though Pakistan is a sovereign country. Overall i found that the responds were very arrogance and as you said "i am the rule"...

    well written article,akhi..

    a slave of God in america..

  3. correction:
    they even bragged about how the carried out the mission without the permission of the Pakistani government

  4. @Chi-Kit Tek Aun : Yes, but it's easier said than done.

    @Anonymous : Arrogance kills. We'll see that in the end.


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