April 11, 2011

Isn't it ironic?

Following more on what's buzzing around in Egypt as the coming elections draw nearer, we will actually see so many misunderstandings in the society on what does Islam really offers to the human being.

I'd conclude that the so-called 'Islamophobia' previously said been spreading all over the European countries, has now make way to Egyptian society. Not that this false thought is not there inside them before, but as the people now have much more liberties and freedom to speak, this false thought had become much more 'protruding' than ever.

* * * * *

The 25th January revolution had undeniably brought so much changes to Egypt. Things Egyptians had never even dream of before, now had become realities. Human rights, equality in society, freedom of expression, just to name a few.

Being one of the most important contributor to the success of the revolution, Muslim Brotherhood openly testified that for the upcoming elections, and for the future of Egypt, those things are what they will stand for and fight for alongside all other parties and the people of Egypt themselves. They repeatedly clarified that the nature of this revolution is that the people had expressed what they want, and it is also what Islam wants for the people.

Fair enough.

But somehow this simple and clear message of them had been cynically and openly opposed by groups of people, also in the name of nation and some in the name of Islam. In brief, they say that if it happens that the Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood expected to gain majority votes) win in the coming election, Egypt will be ruled by another 'Khomeini', and will become another 'Iran'. In other word, those things that people want such as the justice in society, equality, freedom, etc will not be as it is expected to be. Extreme rigidity and limitation will be implied, they said.

* * * * *

I can't help myself from quoting the essence of Sayyid Qutb's thoughts in response to this kind of problem. Writing in his famous book, 'Haza Ad-Deen'/This Is The Religion (Dar Shorouk), Sayyid Qutb presented countless logical replies.

Concisely, Sayyid Qutb took us in a journey way backward to when the world has not even know anything about Islam at all, which was the time before prophet Muhammad s.a.w was sent to mankind. Nobody at that time even had an idea what is freedom and what is equality. No idea, not even a hint. Their limited and blinded mind had to go through a very dark ages of slavery, repression, injustice, and inequalities. Division of human in term of skin colours, languages, wealth, castes, and lineages, are totally acknowledged, and swallowed by the oppressed despite its poignancy.

Islam came and faced these all with its own way. Uniting all the mankind on the basis of tauheed, giving them the honor they deserved, and guided them out of the dark world they're living in. Under the roof of Islamic caliphate, the idea of human rights, equalities, and dignity, are things indulged by every human being, Muslim and non-Muslim. The world community learnt and benefited from Islam.

Back to our time, the time where Islam is no longer what it was thousand years ago. Not the Islam that guide the world system, and not the Islam that is referred to in daily life.

Yet today, we can see and hear loud and clear how everyone now echoing what Islam had first brought to the mankind, when it came more than thousand years ago. Human rights, equality, freedom, and dignity. The same things. The things they learnt from Islam, though without realizing it. The difference is those things they're calling upon today are not anywhere near the perfection taught by Islam. The women rights they're calling upon is so much less perfect than what Islam has to offer, for example.

So isn't it really ironic when they're asking and fighting for these things, which is offered in much more better shape in Islam, and in the same time, they're rejecting Islam?

Or is that they had again been blinded and lured once again into those dark region, and let the history pass away without enlightenment?


  1. It's good to see the tyrannical Mubarak's regime has been buried. But now we have the seculars conquering the majority of people. So heinous in our eyes Muslims themselves proclaimed the western views of freedom and democracy.

    People just don't really understand what they actually need, for instance, they voiced for democracy but in my opinion, democracy itself has many sculptures, every countries has their own independent model of democratic government. American democracy is not at all like Scandinavian's. Sheikh Al-Mawdudi said an Islamic democracy would be the antithesis of secular Western democracy, because the sovereignty of Allah and the people are mutually exclusive. Lack of having the right perspective of Islam is the causative agent of 'Islamophobia' I think. And for us, we have the responsibility to counteract and making our efforts to endow the people with understanding the right teachings of Islam and the universality of it.

    My two cents. Thank you.

  2. @茶花 :

    This opinion is not two cents. It is high in value and precise in giving the solution.

    Ideas and thoughts are rhetorical in nature, unless some resolutions or actions laid out after the thoughts, then only they're regarded as useful and beneficial.

    And of course, in term of system of life/human system in this world, which had already ruptured long after it Islam was dispelled, the only way to bring it back is just like what you said :
    "counteract and making our efforts to endow the people with understanding the right teachings of Islam and the universality of it. "

    May I know in which writing of Sheikh Al-Mawdudi you're referring to?

    *Never thought one of my readers know chinese. Chinese quoting Mawdudi is, awesome.

  3. I heard it from someone and he was referring to 'Political Theory of Islam' by Maududi, if I'm not mistaken.

    *Well, even the Arab and its clans could learn Bahasa Melayu easily.

  4. It seems your new template consumes more bytes than the previous, which suits you more I think. No need to change, just an opinion that should be ignored. No offense.

  5. Yes it does consumes more. And the previous one was meant to lessen the bytes.

    But once in a while the wind of change blew. We'll see how long this one will remain before it changes back to something more practical rather than being fancy.

    Thanks anyway for the opinion. Opinions,esp on designs are always hard for me to ignore.

  6. This one fits you and looks spacious. But if you could magnify the header title font it will be much more better.

    'Entri Terkini' column is purposely left blank or something has gone wrong with my computer?

    Sorry, too much comments.

  7. @Opinion :

    My reference - http://etharelkatatney.wordpress.com/

    See how not so 'shouting' header gives a calm and journalism mood of the blog.

    Thanks anyway for following my progress.


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