March 26, 2011

Where's the media we need?

I learned today something very important, in the middle of world chaos.

We are in dire need of a proper news of what's happening in the world. Non-biased, non-commercial, and most important, educating people with what it delivers.

Gaza been attacked, several dies, couple of days ago. That innocent small piece of land been attacked ferociously for no reason at all. It is the most atrocious crime the community of this globe could be angry upon, but yet, no one shouts anything. Even the Muslims, most of them, didn't even noticed the incident.


Simply just because the media and news spotlight is on what France and NATO are doing on their mission to 'preserve peace' in Libya. Thanks to the media, Israel succeeded on the discreet attack on Gaza.

Just because of the media. The news channel, the web news, social media news, etc, this unforgivable attack slipped out just under our nose.

It's the same thing elsewhere.

In Egypt now, the rate of people being misled with a bad picture of Islam growing rapidly. Mainstream media putting more and more liberal thinker to speak in the name of Islam being the main and only cause of this.

Also in Malaysia. People are diverted simply to follow stupid cases of disgraceful political quarrel instead of understanding bigger and more important issues like the Malay-language bible issue, which actually is an issue that will give huge impact on the future of country for years coming.

To admit that pure and educating media owned by pure-thinking Muslim is not to be found today, is something painful. Yes we do have some with similar visions and ideas, but most turned out to be hopeless as they grew larger.

I still believe though that there will be one, one day.

And I hope I'm part of it, insha Allah.


  1. true-dat...

    i see the closes thing to the truth is aljazeera...although we certainly have admit that there are agroup of people in aljazeera who's againts islam itself .. not issues like palestine but islam , islamic law, islamic radical group and etc...

    Muslims Brotherhood' website is the definitely the best source of news in my opinion.. but like what i heard from Dr. Raghib Assarjani, he said no one else would go to their web except the muslim brotherhood themsleves and only alittle percentage of any other website of any organization that is.

    ALLLAHU Musta3an..
    If they are not going
    to spread the truth, than its all up to us to do it...

    Jazakallah kher.

  2. Yup we're talking about what the whole world are churning on. Good medias like Aljazeera and MB's website are not among them. Only some kind of people trust them to be their choice of media.

    The most practical thing to do for the mean time actually is to modify those good media so it's up to international level of media, with good quality and acceptable way of journalism and reports.

    We've already seen how alternative media could outnumber mainstream media viewers in some cases; like Malaysiakini for example.


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