January 03, 2011

Openings in life.

Sometimes, a small conversation could trigger enormous amount of effects.
And even sometimes bring us to a whole new paradigm of reasoning.
Just through a small conversation, maybe over a cup of tea, late in the night.
(How I ended up writing the thoughts in English, is something I’m puzzled myself.)

* * *

True believer believes on fate seriously. So serious that it makes him think so hard, and plan so good, before executing the ideas, and leave the rest to the fate in Allah’s hand.
By believing that fate is Allah’s creation, he shall also found out that anytime he had hard times in his life, there is always an opening for solutions, and new opportunities.

Yusr’ (relief) was mentioned twice in Sura Al-Insyirah. Both words are ‘nakirah’, or common nouns. In contrast to the word ‘Al-‘usr’ (difficulty) , which is a proper noun. In Arabic grammar, recurring common nouns show that both/more of them are the same thing.

In any difficulties, the same relief is promised. Regardless of how enormous they are.

The thing is, most people will normally give way to something much more easier in their short sighted minds. Not brave and courageous enough to go through the point of hardness. Losing all the opportunities they will be granted by Allah, if only they can feel the beauty of ‘Sabr’ (patience). Indeed Sabr is beautiful.

Sabr for a new journey of life.
Sabr for a period of time.
Sabr for gigantic responsibilities.
Sabr now, for something after.
Sabr for His replies.

* * *

Don’t lose the chances of getting the openings and relief.

And if you are on the verge of the opening Allah gives to you, don’t ever procrastinate.

It will never come twice.


  1. aiwah~ lughotul injiliziyyatuka mumtaz giddan~ cambridge ma'ak~

    anyways,nice post. jazakallah kher~

  2. Bismillahirahmanirrahim

    O ye who believe! Endure, outdo all others in endurance, be ready, and observe your duty to Allah, in order that ye may prosper"

    Perseverance= key to an opening.

    This world is a place where there are loads of trials and tribulations.And Allah knows very well about His creation. He knows that when He trials a slave with a trial , that trial is the best for him and He knows that if the slave excel his fullest in peserverance towards that particular trial he will find the openings to it. Allah will only make a slave confront a certain persecution if He knows that it will the best for that slave..

    Atas Jalan Lurus...
    3ala Sirat Almusta9im

    Indeed the path is a straight path.Just imagine.. the path is straight... i know its kind weird but. seriously. Jannah... Its staright...There's only one straight solution which is Islam . submitting ourselves to ALLAH.

    A straight is a straight road.. But that doesnt mean that its not rocky, full of holes that we migth fell in, etc..That's why Allah advices his slave when He the Exalted says:
    O ye who believe! Endure, outdo all others in endurance, be ready, and observe your duty to Allah, in order that ye may suceed.

    It is a long and hard way, full of impediments, persecution, trials and tribulations.To stay in this straight and noble road to get to Jannah indeed it needs great perseverance...

    Compare perseverance and Jannah..

    Its like paying a penny to get a huge a castle.. nahh its even bigger that... that lame example.

    Sabr..Its worth it Wallahi.

    An inspirational and awesome article...MashaALLAH

  3. sorry bout some wrong spellings and missing words... i have a jumping keyboard and i wasnt in the mood to read what ive wrote untill i submitted it.. oh well...

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