July 13, 2009

Cakap Melayu Lagi?

"We're waiting for more questions from the floor." the chairman announced.

A guy with black zipped coat, brown khakis pants, and dark brown shoes walked towards the microphone provided for the audience.

"Assalamualaikum. My questions are going to be a bit off-topic,but since no one else is asking,so I think it's ok. I would really appreciate if my questions are answered."

The audience waited attentatively for the guy's questions. He doesn't seemed to be coming from the normal crowd that night.

The guy asked a question first. A short question. It was followed by another question :

"I came tonight with some of my friends,and we're going to Al-Azhar next month. Would you please give us one precious advice? That's all, thank you, wassalamualaikum."

The guy walked back to the front row seat, taking his place among his other friends, waiting for the answer from the speaker of the night.

After the speaker answered the first short question, he moved on to the next one.

"When you're there (Egypt), accept things with one eye closed. I mean, do not just accept all the things you hear. Ask questions, be different. You're not going to come back to Malaysia as an Egyptian. You need to come back to Malaysia as a Malaysian. You get what I'm sayin'?
Don't be a tape recorder man. Playing all the greatest hits of 4 years of studying. Do some remix when you come back! You learn so you can solve the problems of Malaysians, the problems of Muslims in KL. You really gotta find the right way to communicate with the community.

Secondly, I'm sorry brother, but please, try to speak arabic as much as you can. Jangan cakap melayu lagi-lah. Seriously! We have about 6000 thousand Malaysian students in Al-Azhar. Malaysian are very nice people. They have their own settlement there, with roti canai, harakah newspaper, the negeri flags, but they only speak Malay with each other. Come on man, your parents didn't send you to Egypt to practise Malay. You're going to come back as an Ustaz but you can't even speak in Arabic. What's that?

So please, try to speak in Arabic. Ibn Taimiyyah even said that it is mustahaab (rewarded) for two people to speak in Arabic, for practises."

A night with Imam Suhaib Webb. American Muslim studied at Al-Azhar.
8 July 2009, KGPA Bukit Kiara, KL.


  1. adakah di tempat lain(besides egypt e.g syria,saudi ada penempatan mcm melayu macam kat mesir?adakah ia begitu mempengaruhi arabic fluent bila balik malaysia nnti?and ade sebarang cadangan konklusi?

  2. kdg2 benda ni mmg semua dah maklum..tp ttp kita x dpt lakukan..mgkin lps ni kena bukak dua2 mata dan semua pancaindera utk try change kebiasaan suasana bdk2 malaysia bila dtg mesir..kdg2 malu dgn bayi 2 tahun dah boleh brckp..kita 4 tahun dok mesir x leh ckp arab..dont be passive..

  3. biasanya akan berkelompok2 .

    biasanya akan mnyesal .

    biasanya akan memberontak .

    hu .

    tak sabar mahu pergi jauh . pasti dirindui

  4. i went to this talk. and all of his talks, in fact. yeah his answer to that specific question was good but i forgot the whole answer the moment i stepped out the hall. did u record his talks? sounds like u had it all right, like in script.

  5. to namesa : Yes, I indeed had it all recorded. Should you want the copy,leave your email here or thru my email : mikraj88@gmail.com.

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