February 21, 2009

Saya bukan Konservatif.

Boleh luangkan masa untuk sedikit kuiz?

Selalu sangat saya menulis terus-menerus. Baik,kali ini, saya sendiri pun mahu ‘ringan-ringan’ sahaja.

Cuma kali ini,dengan izin,saya mahu tinggalkan sebentar bahasa kebangsaan kita dengan sengaja. (Saya tahu di luar sana sedang ‘hangat’,tapi saya tiada niat sama sekali mengecilkan kedaulatan bahasa kita. Tiada sikit pun. Dengan izin,ya.)

*   *   *

So, this is going to be really simple. I’ll jot down couple of situations, and I really appreciate if you can spend some times to guess in which culture we can find these kinds of situations. No thinking or pondering . I want it to be a straight away guessings. Just spontaneously tell yourselves the answers. For example : Eating halal kebab. Possible culture in : Pakistani community, UK.

1.     A guy wearing long sleeves cotton tweed jackets, small ‘GAP’ labels at his right chest, with a khakis shorts sitting on a soft creamy brown couch in front of a stylish wooden coffee table with glass surface. In front of him is a white MacBook Pro, a large white cup with a ‘Starbucks’ logo imprinted in green, filled with classic Caffé Mocha, next to it. He’s busy talking to a friend with his Blackberry while his other hand clutching a book titled ‘Sit Down While Money Comes’. And oh yes, I forgot, he’s wearing a Timberland Becka shoe.

 2.     A family of 2 adults and 3 young childrens spending great time together having their meal at BubbaGump Shrimp Co. Restaurant. They’re having Shrimp & Salsa Cocktail for the appetizers while waiting for their Salmon And Veggie Skillet with Tossed Cobb Salad (it’s cooked with red wine, mind you). For the desserts, they’ll be served with the Chocolate Cookie Sundae. What a relief after a long stroll at The Street open air bazaar.

3.    A lovely young couple, walking together side by side. The young girl is wearing a white spaghetti strap top with a blue denim mini skirt, and the young man is wearing navy blue sleeveless shirt, green cargo pants, and a red shimagh scarf around his neck. So romantic they are, as the guy is holding tight his girl’s curvy waist, while the girl let him sniff her lavender-scented red hair as her head is right at his shoulder. They stop over at a private photobooth for a God-knows amazing photo session (as they thought), and then go back together to their apartment.

Ok. Enough for that I think. Now like what I’ve said, you should now have in your mind three or less cultures in which all the situations could be found. You may also guess where they exactly happen if you want to be more precise.

Now that I’m much tormented in writing these all not using my native language, I’ll be glad if you’ll spend some more time to proceed more on this writing, which of course will be continued in my lovely Bahasa. Just let me take a break first.

*   *   *

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