March 27, 2010

Awakening Night.

Maaf dalam bahasa Inggeris. Versi asalnya begini, tak sempat untuk dialih-bahasa.

So, yes, I went to Maher Zain's show at AUC. And yes,we had the opportunity of being a support for him on the stage (or so we think).

Alhamdulillah, it was a great experience. And yes, frankly, the experience is what I gain and appreciate so much, from all the things and singing we did that night.

So far in my life, I had never experienced any kind of job with any internationally known person or group. And never once in my life had I thought that I will have the chance to work with any of them. Especially the Awakening team.

Yup, that night I was amazed. Firstly, of course, by just being there, seeing the team working for quite a big performance. And secondly, for having the chance to actually and directly involved with a team, that I've been admiring for some times before, the Awakening team.

I'd say that anyone who appreciate high quality Islamic production,with bold messages delivered in creative approaches, packed in beautiful packagings (I really appreciate this), would have the Awakening company in mind.

The moment I was told that we had the chance to be there that night, I've done some mental notes. And the note with the largest font was : To see how the Awakening team work. The attitude. The work-culture. The Akhlaq. etc.

Alhamdulillah, I wasn't disappointed.

When we arrived, they cheerfully welcomed us. Gave us brotherly hugs. Taaruf.
And during all the trainings and rehearsals period which was very brief, they (including Maher Zain and Mesut Kurtis) treat us just the same with any other important person in the team. No 'dictatorship' or 'diva' type of attitude. Very down to earth, simple, and supportive. Even the other backup singers (one of them is Sami Yusuf's backup) love to share and teach us.
Before the concert starts, brother Barra' (Awakening co-founder) gathered all of us, and read us some prayers. "O God, protect us from loving this world and wealth. Make our wealth on our hand and not in our heart. Make our messages a pride and honour for Islam.." (In arabic of course. All Awakening team and artists know arabic).
And after the concert finished and we've done our parts, he and the other manager, Waseem (who took great care of all who involved) , thanked us so much and said: Ahsantum! Baarakallah fiikum! , which of course were replied by us with the same feeling and spirit.

I left AUC that night feeling so inspired with what the Awakening team had showed to us, indirectly. The Islamic ukhuwwah culture, the spirit, and the professionality in doing works.

And I wondered that night, and is still wondering now, will we have a team like this in Malaysia? With the same quality and attitude?

Insha-Allah,we'll find our way.

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  1. insya Allah syed...

    kita boleh wujudkan team seperti awakening di malaysia.

    hope to be part of it when the team really exist in malaysia....yeah, we'll find the way bro..


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